To support, educate and offer a compassionate hand to hold for patients, friends and families coping with breast cancer. We offer emotional and financial support for individuals impacted by the disease along with funding efforts to combat breast cancer at the cellular based level.


Lori Ann, originally from Trenton, NJ, lived in Jacksonville, FL where she lived with her husband, worked as a medical professional and raised her three children. In February of 2006, Lori Ann found a mass in her breast. After a biopsy, she was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer at the age of 44. This proved to be the beginning of a long, painful and exhausting battle lasting four and a half years.

Because of a strong history of breast cancer in her family, she elected to have bilateral mastectomy along with undergoing a six-month span of chemotherapy and radiation. She completed treatment and was declared cancer free until smaller cancer cells, undetected by scans, brought on the return of the disease along with the need for more therapy.

At that time, Lori Ann was diagnosed to be triple negative, BRCA1 positive. Despite a hysterectomy and continued chemotherapy, the cancer metastasized to her lungs, liver and brain. After many unsuccessful attempts, she was diagnosed as untreatable.

This prompted her to enter hospice. Lori Ann decided that her time was now best spent coping with the disease, being with her husband and children and stopping the fight against the unbeatable disease. After years of pain, fear and suffering, Lori Ann passed while surrounded by those who loved her.


The Lori Ann Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 2010 to honor Lori Ann and the strength that she proved to hold when faced with a life altering illness. When there were no options left, she found the courage to accept the time she had left with those she loved and cope with her fate.

Lori Ann’s husband, Kasra Nabizadeh, admired his late wife’s strength and saw the significance in instilling the same fearlessness in other breast cancer patients and their family’s. This Foundation was created to inspire those affected to cope with the disease, care for their bodies and continue with their life.