Expressing the feelings you have and understanding them.

It's crucial to continuously express yourself during a hard time. The important thing is to find the method of expression that is right for you.

  • Journaling. Writing your thoughts down on pen and paper can be incredibly relieving. Even if you are not expressing yourself to anyone in particular, you relieve stress with writing.
  • Online Journaling. By starting an online journal, you obtain the relief of traditional journaling while gaining the opportunity to share your thoughts with whomever you’d like. An online journal can open up a world of support or keep your expressions completely private.
  • Talking it out. Finding a person or people that you trust to talk to about your emotions can be very beneficial in the coping process. Whether you choose your partner, a family member, a friend, a therapist or a support group, you will benefit greatly from verbally expressing yourself.
  • Creative expression. An alternative to expressing your feelings is using creative expression. Write fiction, create fine art, make music, do photography – whatever it is that you are passionate about and allows you to express yourself without words, do it.