The Lori Ann Foundation believes in making the lives of women living with breast cancer easier. We understand that diagnosis and treatment of this disease comes with costs – financial, physical and emotional – not just for the patient but for their families and caregivers as well. The Lori Ann Foundation has partnered with several other organizations to bring breast cancer patients what they need.

Family Support


We have partnered with credible and trustworthy childcare facilities that have committed to helping you take care of your children while you take care of yourself.


We know that you don’t always have time or energy to cook nutritional meals while you’re undergoing treatment and recovering. Our partners will bring meals to your home that are catered to your nutritional needs.

Health & Wellness

Keeping your body healthy is imperative in battling breast cancer. We want to provide you and your family with the opportunity to keep a healthy lifestyle at a pace that you can handle by partnering with wellness centers around Jacksonville.


When the options have funneled, we believe in making your time with your family precious and memorable. That is why we will help you move smoothly into hospice and make the most of your time.

Emotional Support

Individual Therapy

Battling such an aggressive disease can take a toll on your emotions. Our therapists can help you cope with what ihappening and help you live fully.

Group Therapy

Sharing your feelings with others who are going through similar situations can be highly beneficial. We have partnered with breast cancer support groups to help you get it out.

Financial Support

The Lori Ann Foundation has limited funds for the special needs of breast cancer patients that do not fall under our eyspectrum of giving. Whether you are looking into alternative therapy or assistance in your home, you can apply for a financial grant using our grant application along with your story.

Physical Support

Physical Therapy

Breast cancer and treatment can deteriorate your physical wellness. That’s why we partnered with physical therapists to help you with your cancer rehabilitation.