Taking care of your body throughout the process of battling illness.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while undergoing treatment is very important. Doing so can help improve your energy level. Eating a healthy diet along with adequate rest can help you manage the stress and fatigue that comes with your diagnosis and treatment. Exercising and participating in activities you enjoy in moderation to what your body tells you that you can handle may also help relieve anxiety and symptoms.

  • Get an appropriate amount of rest and sleep. Resting your body and getting a good amount of sleep will give your treatment the opportunity to do what it is supposed to without putting as much of a strain on you.
  • Retain a healthy diet. Taking in all of the nutrients that you need, will help your body heal. Maintaining an unbalanced and unhealthy eating habit will only inhibit your recovery.
  • Execute an exercise plan appropriate for your condition. Recent studies that shown that patients who maintain at least some physical exercise during treatment not only cope better, but may also live longer.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and other toxins. Although, emotionally, it may seem like these substances may be helping you, but in fact are doing nothing but harm.These substances lower your immune system and toxify your body.